Fully Halal Menu

Gogi or spicy Burger

our 100% natural beef patty infused in our signature Bulgogi marinade. Served with shaved onion, lettuce and mayonnaise. 

Single             $6.99

w/cheese        $7.99

Double            $8.99

w/cheese(1)     $9.99

Grill Chicken $7.99

Bulgogi/Chicken steak

& Cheese           $10.99

our signature bulgogi steak Served with grilled onion, cheese ,Lettuce & Mayo

Bowls & Burritos

Served with your choice of white, purple, or yellow rice. Pick your Toppings  kimchi slaw, pico de gallo, street corn, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, Shredded lettuce, Monterey jack cheese, Sweet&spiced red sauce, sour cream lime sauce and our tangy tomatillo green sauce.

2 Sauce are free after that $0.29 per sauce  

toppings  $0.99 per topping, plus Avocado

Kimchi, Cheese,Egg, will be extra $1.29 each


Bulgogi                  $11.99

spicy shrimp           $13.99

Carne                     $11.99

Chicken                   $10.99

Spicy bacon(Turkey bacon)$10.99

veggie                     $8.99


cheese                    $4.99

chicken                   $8.99

spicy bacon(Turkey bacon)$8.99

Bulgogi                    $9.99

carne                      $9.99

Side Orders

          Chicken wings   Air Fry     $8.99(5)piece

French Fries                     $3.99

Bulgogi Fries                    $7.99

          Kimchi Slaw,cucumbers,   $2.99 each

                      corn, pico de gallo, sprouts,

                     Season Kimchi,White/Purple/Yellow Rice